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Management Team

Dan Schawbel
Dan Schawbel, recognized as a "personal branding guru" by The New York Times, is the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, LLC, and the leading authority on personal branding. He is the author of the bestselling career book Me 2.0, and the Personal Branding Blog.
Miriam Salpeter
Miriam Salpeter is a career coach with over 10 years of experience and the founder of Keppie Careers She encourages, enlightens and empowers job seekers for success by writing top-notch resumes and providing a toolbox of practical tips and support. 

Co-Editor Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis is a communications professional with a significant background in journalism and copy editing. Her specialty is helping organizations connect with their audience by communicating in a concise, informative, relevant and inviting way. Her blog reflects her interest in social marketing and effective job hunting.

Featured Columnists

  Jay Deragon

  Relationship Networking
Jay Deragon

He is considered one of the premier thought leaders in the social networking space and his blog. He co-authored The Emergence of the Relationship Economy.
  Tiffany Monhollon

Personal PR
Tiffany Monhollon

Tiffany is a PR and Communications professional. She does a lot of research and writing on the topics of management, HR, career development, generations in the workplace and similar subjects.  Her blog.
Georgina Taylor

  Book Critic
Georgina Taylor

Georgina is a marketing and information systems major at Emory University's Goizueta Business School.  Her experience has focused on marketing research and social media marketing.  She has worked on projects for the Coca-Cola Company, Suunto, Pardot LLC and The Emory Marketing Institute.
  Paul Harrer

Community Management
Paul Harrer

Paul is a former public relations professional turned community manager and digital strategist currently working at Edelman Digital, focusing on authentic communication. He helps manage the content creation and community engagement for his client’s social channels. Follow him @paulharrer.

  Brand Monetization
Nunzio Bruno

Nunzio is the owner of Financially Digital, a Springfield based business consulting firm as well as producing is a resource offering information on relevant financial issues, personal finance, the latest in tech and social media.
  Maria Elena

Maria Elena

Maria is the president of buzz2bucks:word of mouth marketing firm and moderates #brandchat a weekly discussion on Twitter all about branding.
  Ivana Taylor

  Living the Brand
Ivana Taylor

Ivana is the author of the marketing strategy blog “Strategy Stew” and a contributing expert to Small Business Trends.  Her boutique strategic consulting firm, Third Force specializes in helping companies find their best customers and be the one they choose – regardless of price.    

  Vikram Rajan

Entrepreneur Branding
Vikram Rajan

Vikram Rajan, partner of CoGrow Systems, Inc.  Vik is a personal brand marketing advisor for lawyers, accountants, financial planners, real estate, and health experts.  Every week, you can read 3 new personal brand marketing tips on his podBlog. 
  Jack Humphrey

  Blog Marketing
Jack Humphrey

Jack Humphrey is widely recognized as a leading online marketing expert who has been building successful marketing companies and training resources since 2002. He is a consultant, blogger, and creator of several popular guides and training programs for online brands. Jack is also the co-founder of
  Howard Sholkin

Brand Communication
Howard Sholkin


Howard has more than 36 years of journalism and marketing communications experience. He joined International Data Group (IDG)—the world’s leading technology media, event, and research company--as director of corporate communications in 2003.


  Image Management
Barbara Ellis

Barbara, a style expert of The Stylish Chick wants to make style and fashion fun, easy and accessible for all…like having your own personal stylist there making it all work just for you! Cutting through the celebrity hype, Barbara helps real men and women find and own their signature style with confidence!


Reputation Management
Hannah Samuel

is an award-winning speaker, columnist and author. She speaks, writes and mentors worldwide on issues around reputation, trust and integrity. Find her online at
  Dan Gershenson

  Brand Audit
Dan Gershenson

Dan is a Chicago-based consultant focused on brand strategy and content marketing. Dan has guided a variety of CEOs and Marketing Directors at small to medium-sized companies, providing hundreds of strategic plans to help businesses identify their best niches and areas of opportunity.

Krisztina Nagy
International Branding

Krisztina is the first careermarketing specialist in Hungary. She is author, consultant, and entrepreneur . She has a careermarketing blog and she is also co-author of 5 other medium (blogs, offline and online magazines).
  Cassie Perrin

  Get Recruited
Cassie Perrin

Cassie is an HR-geek and the Quintessential English Rose, who likes to understand what makes people tick. When not sorting employee problems, and finding solutions for her managers, she is thinking and writing about what makes a recruitable prospect in today’s tough job market.

Flash Branding
Kevin Redford

Kevin is a speaker and writer on the subjects of professional photography, small business marketing, brand marketing, and social media. He owns Redford Photography and has 12 years of experience specializing in studio and commercial photography.
    The Practice Professional
Jay Palter

Social media strategist and personal branding coach specializing in building and expanding trust-based networks for practice professionals.


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