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Notice: Personal Branding Magazine will be out of print after the May 2012 issue.
You will not be able to order back issues at this time.

  Volume 5, Issue 2
Brand Innovation

Volume 5, Issue 2 focuses on how to innovate and cause disruption in your industry. Clayton Christensen, featured in our cover story, is a pioneer when it comes to teaching companies how to build and maintain a successful enterprise through innovation. “Disruption innovation,” a phrase coined by Mr. Christensen, allows a company to move up the market and eventually displace the leading competitor. Through this same technique, and others that you will find in this issue, you can become the number one person in your niche.

  Volume 5, Issue 1
Brand Leverage

Volume 5, Issue 1 is focused on how to use your established brand to unlock new opportunities and beat your competition. Brooke Burke, featured in our cover story, is a great example of someone who’s successfully leveraged her brand. Brooke has taken the success of her TV and modeling career and used it to start her own company called Baboosh Baby. Since she is a well-known brand, she’s able to open doors and create new monetization opportunities. Whether you’re famous or just starting out, this issue will give you the tools and advice you need to create brand leverage in your industry.

  Volume 4, Issue 4
The CEO Brand

Volume 4, Issue 4 is focused on CEO branding strategies, leadership and corporate culture. We interviewed some of the leading CEOs from across multiple industries, including Deloitte and Campbells, to present multiple perspectives on personal branding from the top down. The strength of the CEO brand can be attributed to the overall success of a company, regardless of size. Employees look to the CEO for guidance, leadership and personality. 


  Volume 4, Issue 3
Internet Famous

Volume 4, Issue 3 focuses on teaching you how to become internet famous through video, social networking and blogging. We’ve collected stories from the most well-known internet superstars to teach you how to do it, too! We spoke with Julia Allison, Judson Laipply and Mr. Chocolate rain himself, Tay Zonday. Gracing the cover is Chamillionaire, who is a Grammy-award winning musician, and someone who has pioneered the use of social technologies in the music industry. I’ve always said that visibility creates opportunities, and when more people know you, the possibilities are endless!


Volume 4, Issue 2
Dress for Success

Volume 4, Issue 2 is focused on dressing for success both in person and online. What you wear in your online pictures is your first impression to the majority of the world. What you wear in interviews is just as important as your attire on the first day of work. When it comes to looking professional, stylish, and showing personality, this issue will navigate you in the right direction. With interviews from three editor-in-chiefs from Hearst Magazine’s, you will know what to wear, and be confident in who you are.

  Volume 4, Issue 1
The Philanthropy Issue

Volume 4, Issue 1 is focused on philanthropy and how you can grow your personal brand if you give back. Helping other people doesn’t only mean donating to charity; it means supporting a cause that aligns with who you are as a person. By targeting a specific nonprofit or charity, you will be more passionate about helping them out, and achieve far greater results. In this issue, we interview Candace Cameron Bure and other philanthropists that are changing the world, one person at a time.
Volume 3, Issue 4
Brand Spokespeople

Volume 3, Issue 4 is focused on celebrity spokespeople, and includes interviews with famous individuals, such as Kathy Ireland, a former model turned entrepreneur, and Vanna White, from the TV hit “Wheel of Fortune.” Celebrities are able to maximize their brand, leverage it, and even endorse products and other companies. In this issue, you will learn how to become the ultimate spokesperson for your own personal brand, and achieve success. You’ll read tips and tricks on how to turn your voice into money!

  Volume 3, Issue 3
How to Become Indispensable

Volume 3, Issue 3 is about becoming so important to your company, your customers and the people around you, that they can’t live without you. When that occurs, you’ll be making more money, have better relationships and wield a powerful personal brand. In this issue, Seth Godin reveals his hope for career revolutionaries who want to remain relevant in a world that is being transformed by the internet. Also, in this issue we explore how Guy Fieri has built his personal brand as a television personality on the food network and how NFL football player Jarvis Green has taken the leap into entrepreneurship.


Volume 3, Issue 2
How to Use Social Media to Reinvent Yourself

This issue is about brand reinvention through social media. What better example of that than MC Hammer? Hammer, a celebrity hip-hop star, sold millions of albums back in the 80’s. Decades later, Hammer is now one of the front men for the social media movement. He has his multi-million Twitter following and his own social network to keep in touch with his old fans. In addition, this issue will help you control brand perceptions, repair a damaged brand and give you tips and tricks for navigating the Web 2.0 terrain so that you stay ahead of the game.

  Volume 3, Issue 1
Become the Heavyweight Champion of Your Niche

This issue is focused on helping you build a personal brand that owns a specific niche. With a very saturated market landscape, the only way to become known is to become both distinct and the master of your field. We want you to have the tools, knowledge and confidence that is necessary to take ownership of your domain, before someone else does. This issue contains an exclusive interview with Evander Holyfield, the only four-time boxing heavyweight champion of the world.


  Volume 2, Issue 4
Female Power Brands

This issue is dedicated to female brands and their impact on business and our culture. Women have had massive opportunities through the internet to come together and share ideas. In this issue, we’ve interviewed some of the brightest and most talented female brands on the planet, including Sarah Austin, Laura Ries and Natalie Gulbis, to explore what women are doing to make this world a better place. There are many tips and strategies for women who want to control their careers and command their futures, as well as for men who are looking to learn from these talented women.

Personal Branding Magazine V2I4  

Volume 2, Issue 3
Discover your brand

This issue focuses on the first step of the personal branding process, brand discovery.  Many people rush into personal branding, without first taking precious time to discover who they are and what they want to do for the rest of their lives.  In this issue, we expose how to unlock your true potential, unearth your passion, acquire the necessary skills and how to set achievable goals.  We've interviewed some of the leading businessmen in this area, such as Marcus Buckingham, Marshall Goldsmith, Tim Sanders and John Assaraf, to give you ideas for your own personal development.
Personal Branding Magazine V2I3

Volume 2, Issue 2
The Personal Branding Gold Rush

This issue is a call to action. Now is the time for building your personal eBrand. Laggards will be lost in a Google cloud of dust, while early adopters will rank #1 for their name. Stop watching everyone else steal your gold (your THUNDER) and get involved today. This issue will highlight Gary Vaynerchuk, who will passionately force you to get involved in the GOLD RUSH. Also in this issue, is interviews with bestselling authors David Allen, Robert Cialdini and Keith Ferrazzi.


  Volume 2, Issue 1
Millennials: Changing The Way We Do Business

This issue explores a new generation of hip and cool youngsters, known simply as Gen-Y, but also referred to as the Millennials. Special interviews with Ryan Allis, CEO of I-Contact, John Earle, known to many for his famous clothing line "Johnny Cupcakes" and Ben Casnocha, a bestselling author and entrepreneur.

Personal Branding Magazine - Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 4
Job Hunting in a Brand YOU World

The recession has hit America and the traditional resume, which used to be the sole qualifier for job admittance, is no longer holding up.  This issue captures all the excitement of the future of recruitment and job searching in a brand you world.  There is a special interview with Robert McGovern, the CEO of JobFox and Founder of, as well as many interviews the articles.

Personal Branding Magazine - Volume 1 Issue 4

Volume 1, Issue 3
The Brand Influencers

In today's world, your reputation is one click away. In order to prepare yourself for a future disaster, this issue will give you tips on managing your online personal brand.  The Google founders are highlighted as the pioneers of search.  Also, Enjoy interviews from web pioneers, such as Gina Bianchini, Om Malik, Mark Freunfelder, Gina Trapani, David Weekly and Matt Mullenweg.

Personal Branding Magazine - Volume 1 Issue 3  

Volume 1, Issue 2
The Man Behind GE: Jack Welch
Jack Welch is profiled in this issue as a leadership brand.  You will read a background of his life and learn from the way he ran GE.  There is an exclusive interview with Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life.  Also, there are 26 other articles from contributing authors.

Personal Branding Magazine - Volume 1 Issue 2  

Volume 1, Issue 1
The Billionaire Brand: Donald Trump

The premier issue of Personal Branding Magazine has a special interview between Guy Kawasaki and Donald Trump, the billion dollar brand.  There are 10 other articles, from the likes of Chris Brogan and Neil Patel.

Personal Branding Magazine - Volume 1 Issue 1  

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