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Notice: Personal Branding Magazine will be out of print after the May 2012 issue.

Description:  In this subscription based service, there are 4 issues per year. 

The magazine is strictly promoted through other websites and transmitted electronically in a PDF file.  There are over 60 writers currently active and 50% of the proceeds benefit The American Cancer Society.

Full Page Package

  • Your full page advertisement in the magazine - 11.4'' x 14.6'' (bleed)
  • Your Banner in the 5-page sample issue - 728 x 90 Leaderboard
  • Your logo on the magazine homepage - See frontpage
  • A link to your website from Personal Branding Blog
  • A shout-out in a promotional podcast


  • Reach: Over 21,000 people through this magazine, 100,000 people through the Personal Branding Blog and over 1,000 people per month on this website.
  • PR through charitable donation
  • High visibility and credibility
  • Three channels of distribution for your company in one package
  • Build your brand and generate leads
  • Be apart of the latest and greatest online magazine on the web
  • Reach your target audience and gain new customers

Full page - $250
Half page - $150
Quarter page - $100


Full - 11.4'' x 14.6''
Half - 11.4'' x 7.3''
Quarter - 5.7'' x 7.3''

: Half and quarter pages don't include your logo on the homepage or your banner in the sample issue

For more information, please contact:

Paul Collanton
Sales Associate

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